Valuable Resources

 Few books have received more acclaim than this latest one by a great philosopher.  Featured by Oprah in a ten week webcast A New Earth invites the reader     to consider that who they are is really beyond the typical ego based identity.  Reading this book could very well alter the fundamental ways you see yourself and  others.









“The courageous heart is the one that is unafraid to open to the world.”  Jack Kornfield reveals the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings during 24 extraordinary chapters.  Compassion for self and others is one result I experienced reading The Wise Heart.  I also experienced increased awareness of the liberating quality of awareness.  Living more fully is a result of reading this recommendation.







 An adventure so engaging it left me energized and wanting to make more of a difference with my life.  In a partially fictitious way one author recounts an adventure of  being nursed back to health in a rural village in Pakistan after attempting to climb K2.  His appreciation and needs in the village lead to the commitment to build a school.  What might be considered a simple task for some unfolds as a journey full of danger, opportunity, political intrigue, hope and ultimately extraordinary accomplishments and 62 schools.   The value of educating all the world’s children cannot be underestimated.






My words cannot do justice to Frankl’s exquisite sharing of life lived and lessons learned in a WWII concentration camp.  A book so powerful it will enable you to look at your trials with new meanings and understanding.







 Exploring the rewards of being present is a major thrust of this award winning book.  Eckhart uses a question/answer format to explore the complexity of our minds and the possibility that many of us misidentify with the mind.  The test of  validity for these ideas will be the degree you experience inner peace as you read, ponder, and practice the Power of Now.










The expanded version of a widely known poem explores the breadth of our humanity including commitment, desire, angst, self-betrayal, and the possible ecstasy of experiences.  An inspirational book.










After a painful divorce Elizabeth Gilbert visits three countries to learn about three major components of an extraordinary life.   I was especially influenced by her experiences in Italy and India, though it is in Indonesia she discovers love.