Reflection on Death

August 2008

Recently I had a dramatic experience with imagery and meditation.  Having heard Tolle's comment about the spaciousness that exists within our bodies, when a friend invited me to explore my concept of death I focused upon the beautiful question mark that represents death to me.  As I explored the question mark I noticed my breath and then the spaciousness within my body.  Usually when I meditate I focus on my breath and a body awareness scan rather than experience the space between each cell. The spaciousness was contrasted with my solidity... the solidity is where my regular body exists.  The solidity is where the imprinting that led to my pain body exists.  From the spaciousness I experienced the awareness that only in the now does infinity exist.  Rather than looking at time through a linear lens, time faded away and in the present there was no beginning and no end, an experience with eternity.  It was a WOW.