Some Recent Photography


Here are some images from recent photography excursions, a trip to Quebec City in Canada, Ports in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Halifax Nova Scotia, Rockland and Portland Maine, and the cities of Boston Mass, Newport RI, and New York City.  In addition some time on the central coast of California, the islands of Molokai and The Big island in Hawaii,  as well as my shots earlier this year from the beautiful Shin Zen Garden in Fresno and the spectacular Palouse region of Eastern Washington.

Quebec City is like visiting a quaint French city, and then an 11 day cruise in Canada and the US ending in the BIG APPLE, New York City.  The Monterey bay and Big Sur remain on a spectacular coastline.  The Aloha spirit of Hawaii and a sense of Ohana (all is family) call me back to the islands on a regular basis.  51 years ago was my first visit and I have already made plans for a 2018 trip to what has become a favorite island, Molokai.

The garden is a place of quiet beauty and a hidden treasure in Fresno.

At the Palouse for about one hour on a very early morning I was amazed by magic in the sky.  Memorial day morning my camera captured a saluting Marine who honored each gravesite of those who served to preserve our freedom.  He did this in silence and with reverence at each of the hundreds of flags marking graves of the brave.  It was a very moving experience.



Quebec City:  walking this wonderful old city is just like a visit to France without the travel time.  On a hill over looking St. Lawrence river it is majestic.  Enjoy these shots that show some of the unique aspects of the city.



Charlottetown, Prince Edward

Ahhh reading Ann of Green Gables is such a delight, and visiting the setting that inspired this novel was a treat.  The smallest of Canada's provences provides rolling green hills, red sand beaches and cliffs, and wonderful walking opportunities.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Visiting the graves of those lost on the Titanic was difficult. The folly of humans who believe they are the “Maters of the Universe” and a ship is unsinkable leads to such catastrophes. Halifax is city of trains and tourists. The country side, rustic fishing village of Peggy’s Cove, and a vital city park and downtown on a beautiful waterfront were all enjoyed.

Rockland Maine

The highlight of this port was seeing the fantastic art work of the Wyeth Family at the Farnsworth Art Museum. Andrew Wyeth and his son James created engaging art including a portrait of JFK that was supposed to hang in the White House but was rejected.


Portland Maine is a major tourist attraction.  Mansions, cobbled streets, interesting signs, boats in the harbor, and next to Kennbunkport where the Bush compound can be seen.



Boston is often called the "Cradle of Liberty" and is one of our oldest cities.  A place where "Old Ironsides" exists and the Revolution is celebrated.  My most moving experience was a day long visit to the Presidential Library.



Shin Zen Garden...  my wife's passion.


The Palouse