Reykjavik is the capital of a country the size of Kentucky. About 65% of the total population of 320,000 live in this very active city. While walking its streets one hears the sounds of the Icelandic language, a language so similar to what the Vikings spoke that many Icelanders can read the ancient literature. Fishing is the number one industry (I had the best Icelandic Cod ever) Geo-thermal energy is number two and tourism three. Pure water is a feature of Iceland that I have not experienced in all my travels. I drank freely from streams like this one.


Farmers demonstrate success and faith by building churches on their farms.  Sometimes these churches serve only one or two families.

In some ways Iceland is misnamed.  Vegetation covers about 29% of the country and birch woods and various other trees another 2%.   During my visit I found the climate mild.  There is beauty in the many glaciers, some that calf into the sea only to have the bits of ice deposited on the black sand when the tide raises. The Following includes glaciers, the countryside, water falls, people, animals, and the beauty of black sand beaches.


  If you desire a visit to a country of both complex and stark beauty...  Iceland is the place.