As a coach I am committed to addressing challenges that prevent people from a satisfying life in all arenas; spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, occupational, financial, and relational.  Coaching provides the context for focusing on specific goals and measurable outcomes.  The coaching relationship is based on clarifying these client goals, the barriers to obtaining the goals, those resources necessary to obtain goals, and the embodiment of attitudes and behaviors that support the achievement of those goals.  In the coaching relationship I become your cheerleader, task-master, questioner, and a believer in your abilities. I use the word “Transformational” in relation to coaching because most of my clients end up living their lives in a different way as a result of our work together. Coaching is a powerful short term process with contact by skype, phone, and email. 

After over thirty years in private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist I decided to  transition to coaching with its many advantages. During my years as a therapist I helped people explore the background of major issues affecting their lives.  These issues included depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief, etc.  In most cases the problems interfered in a significant way with their quality of life.  Therapy sessions were face to face and typically occurred weekly over a period of months.  Through the process clients usually deepened their awareness of the underlying aspects to their challenges and obtained a more satisfactory life.  My clinical background influences my coaching.

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