WOW... Can you believe the summer HEAT and fires?  And "Harvey's" destruction is difficult to comprehend. 

On a brighter note thanks for visiting this web page.  Please let me know your reaction following the visit.  I hope the beauty, inspiration, humor and joy photography offers will be your experience. As you navigate the site you will find the most current work on the "Recent" page.  Now that page includes images from Shin Zen Garden (Fresno's hidden treasture) and the Palouse area of Washington.  

All photos are available for prints, just check the prints link on the left for information.  Any purchase will be appreciated by both my grandchildren (they love Popi to treat them to goodies) and Friends for Community Engagement (a funding source for student service in Fresno and beyond).

World travel remains one of my passions.  A trip to a Tanzania rural village doing community service led to a Spectrum Art Gallery Show and the images were also featured at Fresno State University's library.  

Other trips include France and a river trip from Prague to Paris .  The Paris portion is at this link.  Photos, reflections, Albums and videos of the USA and other countries are available on several pages, e.g. CubaIcelandItaly, Northeast USA, and by clicking on the following link:   Fine Art America

The beauty of four seasons is a great interest for me.  Albums of each season, Spring, SummerFallWinter, are also available.  And the four seasons of  Yosemite can be seen on the Yosemite Album page.

Another fine art photography show in Fresno focused on photographs that capture many elements of Agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley. The photos used in the show can be seen at the Spectrum Gallery page.

My book, “Images of South-East Asia” is now at a discounted price.  This link will take you to a preview of the book and more information: Bookstore.  Another beautiful multi-color photograph book on Tanzania is available, Contact me.

I lead individual and group workshops and classes to explore photography and the use of cameras and software.  Contact me to arrange one to meet your needs.